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Rett Syndrome Token #RSTv2
New Launch with a better vision

Welcome to #RST
Designed and developed to improve the quality of life for those that suffer with Rett Syndrome to help provide donations, equipment and mainly raise awareness - whilst maintaining a community with a growing project.

The token has been designed and put together by a sole individual (myself Gary - Father of Evie) mainly because i want to create awareness around Rett Syndrome - My Daughter Evie-Mae was just 1yr 6months old when she was diagnosed with the harsh non curable condition she's now 5 and we are trying to give her the best shot at life possible, with the help of the community this is possible not only to help Evie but to also help many more children. 
Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic neurological and developmental disorder that affects the way the brain develops. This disorder causes a progressive loss of motor skills and language. Rett syndrome primarily affects females. Most babies with Rett syndrome seem to develop as expected for the first six months of life which then they regress and forget everything they have learnt from been born - Evie is unable to do anything that we all take for granted daily such as sit up, walk, talk, crawl, eat and many more life limiting functions along with this she suffers with extreme epilepsy which is the ultimate end game for any child with Rett as the seizures take so much control there is no going back, Also Evie has a gastrostomy-button (or G-button) as well as a spinal cast to prevent her scoliosis from getting worse. Evie will never be independent and will always rely on my self and mum to be able to live even to the point of rolling her over

There is still no cure for this and we can possibly together make a difference or at least improve the lives of those who suffer with Rett.

All updates, donations, Evidence will be uploaded to the updates page keeping the project very honest and transparent. 

**If you are looking to provide liquidity please reach out in telegram (All Providers will be rewarded)**

I will keep all updates via the website and telegram group including Evies Updates of her journey.

  • Using the Binance Smart Chain USDC/RSTv2 Pair

  • Contract Address

  • Launch Wallet 80m (Used for Burning and Airdrops will be locked)

  • Marketing & Development Wallet & Liquidity provider 15m

  • Charity wallet 5m used to build a pool of donations via Tax


  • Total MAX supply at launch 100,000,000

  • Contract / code Renounced and locked & immutable

  • Burns will happen at key stages

  • Basic code for a simple project with great intentions 

  • Airdrops Provided for long term holding and bonus incentives

  • Road map - The main project is complete but there is ideas for running alongside

  • DEV/Creator Fully Doxxed

  • Liquidity will be getting locked

  • Taxes:
    2% Reward to holders
    2% Auto liquidity Gen
    4% Charity / Marketing wallet 

  • RSTv2 has no middle men or Dev wallets (this is a sole project)

  • RSTv2 is designed so traders reward the holders. 

            RettSyndromeTokenV2 White paper

Tokenomics & Info


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Communities that support





Contract Address

BSCscan Token

USDC/RSTv2 PancakeSwap pair


To provide liqudity USDC/RSTv2

RSTv2 Chart

Also consider increasing your slippage (10%) when trading.


Remember always do your own research there are risks with any investment 

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