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News & Updates

The Important Stuff


We have a AMAs lined up with some well known YouTubers 

Today we burnt a whole lot of tokens from supply! 


55% Burn of “each” wallet totalling = 49 million out of a total supply of 100m 

Wallet #1 Burnt total = 42,125,592
Wallet #2 Burnt total = 4,135,825
Waller #3 Burnt total = 2,760,151


Token Audit:

Honeypot: No

Verified Contract: Yes

Proxy Contract: No

Mintable: No

Ownership Renounced: Yes

Permanent Ownership: Yes

Balances Modifiable: No

Buy Tax: 8%

Sell Tax: 8%

Transfers Pausable: No

Sell Limit: No

Transfer Cooldown: No

Anti-Whale Mechanism: Yes

Blacklist: Yes

Slippage for swapping should be 8-10% 
The breakdown for slippage: 
2% Reward to All holders
2% Auto liquidity Gen
4% Charity / Marketing wallet

All RST holders have now received Airdrops 1:1 and most who have burnt have also received there double bag 

We are now live on the Binance smart chain (USDC/RSTv2 pair) 

For all that have held RSTv1 and burn will receive double the mount on the New token contract for those who don't burn will receive 1:1 amount. All Information is on the "Home" page giving you a detail take on the project and where we are today. 

THE BIG UPDATE 13/09/2022

Good evening, all, Please find a moment to read the following this has taken some thinking through on how best to make it work.


So, I'd first like to thank you all for your support here and backing for a real project with real meaning.


I said I'd always be transparent and honest.


So, to progress this project further to expand growth make a difference and impact the lives of those who suffer Rett Syndrome (including my daughter) along with allowing the community to earn on their investment and create a continuous growing interest.


I'm launching a new contract with better token nomics to help the growth (RST was my first ever own token so I've learnt a lot from this), increase the interest and a way to raise further awareness for the cause as well as allow to increase the liquidity of the pool also building donations through a small Tax.


Firstly, ANY Holder at launch of the new token I will take a snapshot and you will be given a double the amount of the new token providing you burn your existing hold of RST. I will be taking a snapshot of this. The liquidity from RST that I hold will be transferred straight over to the new contract I'll also speak to the providers I know of who I'm sure will back this and transfer too.


Total and max supply of the new contract will be 100m


You will earn Rewards from all buys & sells (% based on your holding)


There will be a charitable/marketing fee


You will receive a copy on Pulsechain


Liquidity will be getting locked; the new contract will be getting renounced.


100m total supply

2% Reward to holders

2% Auto liquidity Gen

4% Charity / Marketing wallet



Both Large wallets holding the Current RST will be burnt.


We have a Charity wallet set up along with the Creator wallet which will be used for BURNS and AIRDROPS (Will be Locked after Burns and Airdrops) and a Marketing Wallet to allow us to grow which all wallets will be used with Transparency and honesty (all $ and tokens will be accounted for as I’ve always said)


I hope you all can continue the journey with me I will in the meantime begin to start the liquidity pool and amend the website along with our supporting communities. I hope you can understand why this change has been made and answered many of the community questions.


I will release the contract once I’m happy and comfortable so my only word to you now would be to grab a small bag of RST ready for the snapshot and in turn you will be rewarded.


Any questions please fire them over to me I will do my best to reply but I do have some IRL stuff I need to return too but ill be on my phone, laptop, tablet PC as often as I can the shilling of the project, I will take care of with your help.


I will be looking to do group calls and get on to the AMAs with the youtubers that have requested and I’ve spoke to – Corey, Crypto Heartbeat and Matty crypto to just name a few but ill be looking to put every single bit of my energy in to this project to make a difference with your help and I’m sure as I’ve explained before this project is real and WILL make a difference to the lives of those that suffer with Rett Syndrome and also create some healthy wealthy profits, as always I’ve still got further ideas in mind and I will look to share these with you as we grow.


  • Ownership Renounced 



  • In a mark of respect of Evie's Grandad Running Middlesbrough 10k today for Rett syndrome ill be doing a 20% manual burn to the BSC burn wallet, Leaving only now 490m in circulation 

10k finish.jpg


So where are we going from here update 

We are still within our 48 hours of launch and we have taken off!

  • BIG Burn incoming (Today).

  • AMAs with well known youtubers.

  • Collaborating with other projects to increase audience

  • Looking at how we are going to lock the #1 wallet.

  • Looking to increase the liquidity pot with LP providers.

  • looking to lock liquidity.

  • Looking to get a Audit of the project

  • applying for listings on certain website Coin Gekko, CMC etc.

  • Looking to route down for NFT development for this project.

Clear a few things up

~ Slow organic growth no paid shills

 ~ There is NO team allocated tokens. 

 ~I'm Doxxed

~ I've allocated my self ZERO tokens from launch (I'm the sole owner and Dev of the project) I do want to expand the team in time  if/when I do they will also be fully KYC'd & Doxxed.

~ The contract is generic with my changes to suit my project (Also code is verified and been Renounced) 

~ Tokens in the #1 wallet will be used for Burning and Airdrops #2 is the BSC default BURN address #3 will be used for marketing, development and promotion (Not For Profit)

~ The Higher the tokens market cap and the lower the circulating supply the more valuable this becomes *Remember That* (Burns are happening)

~ The way ill be doing the Fundraising for this project is By fundraising via (awaiting for confirmation), Small sells but will run inline with airdrops so you wont lose out, (your bag will just get bigger) Possible NFT creation, and general Donations to the Eth address on the Donation page.

Every $ Every Token will be accounted for. 

Transparency and trust is KEY to any project.

On a final note i want to thank all that are currently supporting my project and continue to do so and also all new members to the project Thank you, Remember why your here - Mainly to create awareness, Raise funds  and make some return's on your investment. 


2nd BURN done Total burnt nearly 70% of the total supply

Burn transaction

Time for the airdrop

*AIRDROPS won't be immediately to protect the chart and the project.

Holders will receive % Based on there holding!
So GRAB your Bags of $RST Now

To BUY & Swap click the "Buy" button below.


Our request to be listed on CMC (Coin market cap) is now in and under review



Wow Week old TODAY !!!

Listed on:

Huge 95% burn


In talks to accept card payments to buy the token directly allowing ease of purchase for new on boarders. 
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